Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

How Can Regular Checkups Save You Money?

A dentist is more than a person just checking up on your teeth. A regular visit can help you save your overall health and money. A lot of people also feel the need to lie about their dental habits and even start flossing the day before their appointment (usually that means more damage) which is not ideal. This article will tell you more about things your dentist wishes you knew.

Don’t Lie About Your Habits

Mostly to help yourself. Lying about your oral hygiene won’t get you anywhere, simply because they will see right through it. An experienced dentist can take one look at your teeth and be able to tell you all about your habits – smoking, not flossing, drinking a bunch of soda or alcohol, whatever it is. They can also know you have dental anxiety and lying about it might only make the whole visit worse. Be open and honest – tell your dentist everything they want to know regarding your dental habits and don’t let the feeling of embarrassment stand in your way to healthy teeth. This will make the whole process of successful oral health much easier and faster. Knowing your real brushing habits will help them provide the most beneficial treatments for you.

Don’t Start Flossing The Day Before

You might feel the urge to floss the day before your appointment. Don’t. Your guilt has never gotten you anywhere, and it won’t start working wonders now. As mentioned, a dentist knows if you regularly floss and doing it right before the appointment will only make things worse. If you don’t usually floss, doing so before the appointment can harm your gum and teeth and make it more difficult for your dentist to do their job.

Coffee, Alcohol And Tobacco Are Your Enemies

Ah, yes – the good old: stop smoking and having too much coffee. And for good reason. Smoking does not only stain your teeth but can lead to increased plaque buildup, inflammation and gum disease. The acidity in coffee and alcohol can wear down your enamel and make decay easier to happen. Pro tip: don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking coffee, instead, wait for an hour or rinse with water first!

Good Oral Hygiene Can Help Your Overall Health

We mentioned this in the last article where we talked about stress and oral health. Good oral health can help you maintain your overall health because of infections you might get if you don’t pay attention to your oral health. Bad dental hygiene can lead to heart disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, infertility, kidney disease and more.

Brushing After Every Meal Is Not Always A Good Idea

Some food contains a lot of sugar and acidity and, while you’re eating, the acid levels get higher and weaken your enamel. Brushing after that kind of meal while your enamel is already fragile, can be highly abrasive. That’s why you should let your saliva do its thing (it will return the pH to the normal level) for an hour and then brush your teeth.

Crooked Teeth Can Affect Your Health

Even though a lot of people see crooked teeth as merely an aesthetic problem, the truth is – crooked teeth can cause many other problems and impact your overall health. One thing can lead to another: crossbite affects mouth positioning, which can lead to crowding, crowding can make it difficult to brush your teeth properly and, ultimately, that can lead to various health problems.

Babies Need A Dentist Too

Bacteria can start to grow early, which is why it’s important to take your baby in for a dentist appointment as soon as the first tooth appears, or when they’re one year old. The enamel on baby teeth is softer than yours, so children are at a higher risk of tooth decay and cavity. Your baby’s oral health can also be affected by you – tooth decay is actually transmissible and putting pacifiers in your mouth then the baby’s can cause oral issues.

Why Is A Regular Check-up Important?

To save your money in the long run and prevent other possible health issues. At least two dental checkups a year will help you and your dentist keep an eye on your dental health and act in time if they notice something is off. Often, detecting a disease early means you can get rid of it without a lot of fuss! If you maintain good oral hygiene and go for regular checkups, you will ultimately save money since you won’t have to spend a lot on fixing more serious issues. So, regular checkups are good for both your wallet and your overall health.

Here are the main reasons you should have regular dental checkups:

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Jaw Problems Identification
  • Removing Plaque and Buildup
  • Avoiding Cavity
  • Stopping Gum Disease
  • Saving Money

You Hate Dentists – We Get it But Give Us A Chance

Dental anxiety is a thing – we know. But don’t assume dentists don’t care when you show up there and talk about how you hate dentists and going for checkups. You might have tried others, but not THAT one – give them a chance, they might surprise you.

Just be open and honest about your dental health & anxiety, and we will do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with your visit!